Courses After 12th Science Other Than Engineering

courses after 12th science other than engineering

Courses after 12th science other than engineering: Yes, we all know that lot of career options after completing class 12th with PCB or PCM, Seriously i don’t know why peoples are choosing only Medical and Engineering Courses After 12th, There are lot of courses after completing 12th science,Having a science background also it gives an advantage to change the stream at anytime. Here we are going to provide the best career guidance for the students who complete there 12th Science Field. We have listed some most popular career option, which it could help you to pick the right path to success from engineering and medical courses.

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Other Career Options For Science Students Apart From Engineering and Medical (courses after 12th science without maths)

B.C.A (Bachelor of Computer Applications) – Refer More in WikiPedia

B.C.A Stands For Bachelor of Computer Applications, B.C.A is 3 Year Course, Actually The Courses is full of Computers,Software,Internet,Programming languages,Internet Marketing and Applications. After Completing B.C.A Degree;We Can Also Go For Post Graduate (M.C.A – Master in Computer Applications) Master Program Which is 2 Year Courses, After Completing there are lot of job opportunities in Government Sectors and Private Sectors.

Career options after 12th science pcm other than engineering

There are Some Job Profiles Available After Completing the courses are 1). Software Developer 2). Project Manager 3). Software Tester 4). Computer Engineer 5). Network Engineer.

Career options after 12th science pcm other than engineering (Bsc courses after 12th science)

B.SC (Bachelor of Science)

A bachelor of arts or science is a bachelor’s degree in an area of study that is not covered by the fine arts, mathematics, or a hard science such as physics, biology or chemistry. It may also be a general studies bachelor degree. My degree, for instance, is in Human Resources Development; however, my bachelors is a BA, while my graduate degree is a Master’s of Science. After graduation, one may go for PG course- M.Sc. It lasts for 2 years. Some good B.Sc. courses. I believe it is up to each individual educational institution to categorize what each bachelor degree is categorized as

  • B.Sc. Forestry
  • B.Sc. Hotel Management
  • B.Sc. Nautical Science
  • B.Sc. Electronics
  • B.Sc. Electronics and Communication
  • B.Sc. Biotechnology
  • B.Sc. Agriculture
  • B.Sc. Horticulture
  • B.Sc. IT
  • B.Sc. Computer Science
  • B.Sc. Chemistry
  • B.Sc. Mathematics
  • B.Sc. Physics

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Career options after 12th science pcm other than engineering (B.B.A courses after 12th science)

B.B.A (Bachelor of Business Administration)

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA or B.B.A.) is a bachelor’s degree in commerce and business administration. The degree is conferred after four years of full-time study in one or more areas of business concentrations.  Its a 3 years course comprised of 6 semesters (India). In the 1st semester you will be taught the basics of Management which you have already learned in your high school such as Basic Accounts, Maths, Statistics, Economy, OB etc.

Career options after 12th science pcm other than engineering

Now as you move up to higher semesters you will be getting new subjects which will be more or less related to management such as Business Law, Business Environment etc where as you will also be studying the branches of Accounts and Economics in depth such as Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting ,Income Tax, Micro & Macro Economics etc. In the 5th-6th semester you will have to choose your specialization which could be Finance, Marketing, HR. The same thing applies to other countries where they have a 4 year course with a bit of modified syllabus.

Courses after 12th science other than engineering (Bachelor of Architecture)

B. ARCH (Bachelor of Architecture)

B. Arch is the short-form of Bachelor in Architecture which also means a degree in architecture. Normally what the students will learn at the entry degree level are the fundamental technical and critical thinking skills. which is a broad platform which opens up to lot of streams and brings out the real talent in us. It is Basically a 5 year course in India, 4 yr course in Germany and 7 years in spain. It will increase you critical thinking skills as foo said and to a lay mans terms you can become a journalist,artist,architect,art-designer,product designer,Landscape designer,Sustainable designer,Conservation.There are lot of option and a great demand for this in Future.

Job profiles available after completing the course are:- 1).Chief Architect 2).Assistant Architect 3). Resource Manager 4).Planning & Design professional 5).Consultant

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Courses after 12th science pcm other than engineering (Diploma in Fashion Designing)

Diploma in Fashion Designing is a 3 year program which it is a B.Sc Degree, Fashion design is the art of application of design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories. Fashion design is influenced by cultural and social attitudes, and has varied over time and place. Fashion designers work in a number of ways in designing clothing and accessories such as bracelets and necklace. Because of the time required to bring a garment onto the market, designers must at times anticipate changes to consumer tastes.

  • Bachelor of Fashion Design and Technology
  • Bachelor of Fashion Communication
  • Bachelor of Interior Designing
  • Bachelor of Design Accessory
  • Bachelor of Design Leather
  • Bachelor of Product Design
  • Bachelor of Textile Design

Courses after 12th science other than engineering (Other Diploma Courses)

  • Diploma in Print Media Journalism
  • Diploma in Animation and Multimedia
  • Diploma in Film making, Video production and Editing
  • Diploma in Biotechnology
  • Diploma in Interior Designing
  • Diploma in Jewellery Designing
  • Diploma in Education Technology
  • Diploma in Retail Management
  • Diploma in English Teaching
  • Diploma in Fashion Designing
  • Diploma in Banking and Finance
  • Diploma in Yoga Education
  • Diploma in Event Management

But,it’s not important to choose from the above courses after 12th science other than engineering, it’s upto u , what u want to do…..if u don’t want to study and u have a talent or passion and u think that u can do that better from any one and it can become ur carrier so go ahead give it a shot.